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"Ya want something done right? Ya gotta blow it up yourself!" Learn more about Go Commando

About Go Commando

When an evil military empire threatens to take over the free world, it's up to Sgt. Gomez and his Elite Commando Unit to storm their island fortress and wipe them out once and for all.

Go Commando is a action packed side scrolling puzzle platformer that faithfully recreates the frenzy of 80's commando games, and remixes the experiences with numerous modern twists. It's the perfect blend of lemmings meets metal slug.

Marching in the boots of Sgt. Gomez, you'll plow through waves of enemy goons, use innovative 3D cover mechanics, command squads of allies to solve puzzles and take over enemy territory, and utilize all kinds of super destructive tactics to reduce this evil island fortress into a smoldering pile of rubble.

Sgt. Gomez is here to save the world in style. Classic Commando Style. Wanna get some action? Prepare to Go Command!