You've got one job. Defeat the Venom Army.


"Somewhere, in the middle of the ocean, on an island is a secret strategic military base that serves as a key position and last line of defence of the Free World from the relentless onslaught of the Venom Army. They have invaded, they have destroyed your defences, and they have killed many of your comrades.

Your mission, is to stop the Venom Army from taking over and setting up shop on your home turf. They are many, they are strong, they will stop at nothing to rule, they will control the people control, and they will conquer.

Sergeant, you have but one mission. You and your team must stop the Venom Army at all costs."

Game Overview

Go Commando: the Island, is the first tabletop game in a series about the struggle for control over the Free World that is protected by the Commando Troops, and relentlessly threatened by the Venom Army.

This semi-cooperative deck-builder adds the unique mechanic combination dynamic of resource management, mixed with engine building, and topped off with mob enemy bashing dice based combat.

Players take on the role of several Commando Troop Sergeants that were left stranded after the recent invasion of the Commando Island Stronghold by the Venom Army. Now, in order to survive, they must seek out other comrades that were left behind to build a squad, gear up, and work together with the other squad leaders stop the Venom Army from gaining complete control over the island. Should the mission prove successful, your band of Commando Troops will win the day!

To the victor go the spoils! The squad leader to collect the most medals of honour at the end of the mission by defeating enemy soldiers will be true hero of the day.

*This tabletop board game is still under development. Release date is yet to be determined. Join our mailing listĀ for further updates and announcements.


2 to 6

90 - 120


Sergeant, do not let the Venom Army win!

  • Build a squad of soldiers and gear up to fight back the Venom Army onslaught!
  • Manage your limited supplies and prevent the Venom Army from taking over the island completely
  • Coordinate with the other squad leaders and take out Venom command posts
  • Halt the Venom Army's plans of world domination by defeating a heavily guarded and much feared ruthless Venom Commander


In our world, a board game is ready for sale when it's ready. In the meantime, we are iterating, playtesting, prototyping, changing, and evolving the game. Enjoy some images from the early days of the Go Commando board game project!