The Sentry Box Played our Game!

It was a regular monday night board game playtesters night at the Sentry Box and I had the pleasure of putting our game in front of some of the staff who are seasoned gamers familiar with many different boardgames.

If you're not familiar, The Alberta Boardgame Designers & Playtesters group meets each Monday at the Sentrybox to play eachothers games and provide feedback. The community here in Calgary, Alberta Canada is quite strong and very inclusive. One of the designers at the event had put my game in front of one of the staff members at the Sentry Box and they couldn't wait to play and and provide some great feedback! It's not often that a board game designer gets an ad hoc face value preview of their game!

Needless to say that it was more validation for us, and provide some much needed feedback. The Sentry Box blogs regularily to showcase many board games old and new. Check our the article that they featured us on their blog titled, "What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – March 25-31."

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