Game Submission Application

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  • The Basics

    The following questions are designed to tell us if your game is the right fit and is ready for the Dragonfish Games evaluation process.
  • We're looking for the tactile experience that a table top board game can provide. We love card games and deck-builders but we like them more when they are included as a mechanic to a board game.
  • If so, please ensure that you have at least that many completed playtester feedback forms as we may ask for them.
  • Blind playtesting is when people play the game from the rules, not from any guidance or intervention by you.
  • We're not talking about custom meeples here. We want to see something shiny and new!
  • This doesn't mean that new players need to know all of the rules, just that the core concepts are simple enough that they can start taking turns.
  • In board game design, we like to stick to a set of rules that guide us to making amazing products. Please review our Board Game Design Edict before answering.