Submission Guidelines

We are currently open for submissions. However, our publishing schedule, which involves a focused approach of significant development and only publishing 1 to 2 new games each year, is such that if we decide to work with you today, it make take up to 24 months before your game is published.

To submit your game for evaluation, please fill out our Game Submission Form.

If we like your submission pitch and are interested in your game we will further evaluate your game and may request any of the following:

  • A prerecorded gameplay video
  • A prototype version to playtest
  • An in-person meeting

Evaluation Criteria

1. Conceptually Unique

We love to see different. By all means, be inspired by other creations but please create something that stands out.

2. Themed and Visually Thought Out

From pirates pillaging the raging seas, ninjas defending honour, Galactic Sagas preventing the destruction of the universe, to fantasy epics in a battle against tyranny we love themes! We don’t need to see final artwork but we will need to feel immersed into the world that you’re presenting to your gamers.

3. Fully Developed

Unfortunately, with our busy schedules we can’t evaluate a project if it isn’t complete. Your game must include the rules and that all the required game components as we don’t typically take print-to play or Tabletop Simulator versions of board games.

4. Clear Rules

The rules are literally the most important aspect of a board game. If you’re rules cannot be understood by gamers, or is littered with grammatical errors, it won’t get a grade-A certification by our evaluation team. There are plenty of available resources to hone in on this craft.

5. Playtested, Playable, and Polished

A good litmus test that you can use is the blind play-test method. If gamers can play your game from start to finish successfully without intervention, than your game is ready. You don’t need to include final artwork, production ready custom dice, or moulded miniatures in your game, but rather something representative of the finished product concept works just fine. Sometimes we like to see samples of your latest feedback forms from gamers as well!

6. Game Design Flexibility

As publishers, we want to ensure that the spirit and integrity of your game is maintained. While doing so, our job is to ensure the best possible product market fit for your game, and that might mean that we have some changes or suggestions to amp up it’s market viability. We also have experienced producers, artists, writers, and designers on staff that are familiar with our customers and our brand. Our goal is to ensure that every product is released when it is ready and in the best light possible. The highest standards of quality, design, and visual appeal (in that order) is what we strive for at Dragonfish Games.

For more information on our game design guidelines, check out the rules that we design by in our Board Game Design Edict.